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Where to buy the best cloves in India?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

At BBS Spices Malabari we are proud to source and list the best quality of Cloves from Kanyakumari. We directly source from Planters and farmers, check for quality standards, and finally pack using mechanised machines. Best cloves are available online on our website as well as best cloves are available on Amazon India

Spices are a very common commodity across ecommerce website. Ecommerce have helped small entities to build products and sell on ecommerce marketplaces. Over time we have and had many ecommerce companies in India like,,, etc, an these companies have been able to on board anyone with basic legal requirements to have their products place in these ecommerce marketplaces.

At BBS Spices Malabari these marketplaces have helped us to achieve our motto of reaching the best quality spices to the end consumer. While the traditional model of supplying whole lot of spices through supermarkets and kirana stores are still working well for us, the online presence and ecom presence have brought in more customers to us, who value our products.

BBS Spices Malabari products are presently available only on as we are experimenting ourselves on different platforms and the coverage and reach is unbelievable. The visibility is amazing and it is more like free advertisement for us to have our products showcase to millions of customers looking for spices.

We have been using videos and rich media content to showcase our factory, machines, our sourcing process, our association with the farming community and how this community is motivated by the appreciation from the customers for their produce. Connecting the farmer or planter to the end consumer is like bridging the gap and smoothening the sales process from the farm to the market.

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So impressed with the quality of these cloves! They're fresh, fragrant, and perfect for both cooking and medicinal uses. Great value for money at Discount Grocery Online Store!

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