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BBS Spices Malabari - Spices Processing Unit

BBS Spices Malabari - Spices Processing Unit, our factory is located at Chengamanad, 7 kilometers away from Cochin International Airport. The factory equips state of the art precision packing facility for spices as well as spices derivatives. 

Different whole spices require different cleaning and drying process up to packing. All of these process is highly mechanised, to attain a high level of cleanliness and precision. 

BBS Spices Malabari Spices processing unit

Though BBS Spices Malabari is known for the sourcing and delivery of whole spices from across the world. The are multiple stages of processing that undergoes before packing. The state of the art processing unit has machines and processes to clean, sort, grade and pack these spices.


The packing for both whole spices and spices derivatives like ground spices and Masalas happen at our factory which very close to Cochin Airport. 

Factory address

On prior appointment, we organise a factory tour for our business associates and distributors to know the level of quality each process undergoes.

BBS Spices Malabari

Companypadi, Chengamanad,

Aluva, Cochin, Kerala

+91 9746201730 |

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