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Nutmeg is a spice that is abundant on the bank of River Periyar

Kerala is considered to a be blessed state in India, a place from where most of the exotic spices are grown. The state receives just more than 3000 mm of rainfall annually which is considerably a good number compared to many states in India, except for the North Eastern states of India. The Western Ghats, the South West Monsoon, the soil, are all contributing factors to the green vibe of the state. Though Kerala was once an agriculture based economy, today over time the state is a consumer state and agriculture is minimal for local supplies. However the cash crops are abundantly grown across the state, and these spices are exported to other states and other countries as well. Spices Malabari exports quality spices from Kerala and is privileged to be a son of the soil. To see what is available with us, you can shop spices online at our website.

The longest river in Kerala, the Periyar River does have some connection to the spice plantation belts of Kerala. The river that originates from the head of the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, the river flows across mountains into the valley and finally merges with the Arabian sea. Overtime many dams and check dams have been built on the river trail for hydro power projects, the river keeps flowing. The floods of 2018 in Kerala made the river ferocious and most of its existing banks were flooded.

Black Pepper and Green Cardamom, the King and the Queen of Spices are abundantly grown in these high ranges from where the river originates. Primary reason for better yield of cardamom production is the abundance of water, as cardamom requires a lot of water and it is the South West Monsoon that delivers most of the required water for the plant. A good monsoon yields good cardamom harvest. Though Pepper does not require so much of water, the combination of fertile soil of the hills helps in better yield.

Though the King and Queen of spices are not so much connected with the river, there is another important nutrient rich cash crop that is very much associated with rivers, specially River Periyar. Nutmeg! yes nutmeg is a spice that is abundantly cultivated along the banks of the river Periyar. The Crop is in its abundance by the time the river reaches the lowlands. This ball shaped spice has an outer plum covering which breaks open when ripe, inside the fruit is the seed covered with mace which has a blood red colour. All of these are used for various purposes including culinary.

The fruit outer covering is used for making pickles and fermented drinks, the mace is used for medicinal purposes primarily for gastro related ailments and sickness. The seed is widely used for both medicinal as well as for culinary uses. Just like all of these spices have wide range of applications, Nutmeg also has a wide range of application. Primarily found in the tropical regions of the world, India produces some of the best quality Nutmeg in the world, and most of it comes from the banks of the river Periyar in Kerala.

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